Boxing Strength, Body Composition, Ectomorph, Ko power, Speed training Secrets Finally Revealed


Product Name: Boxing Strength, Body Composition, Ectomorph, Ko power, Speed training Secrets Finally Revealed


Chapter 1. Flexibility-Mobility Training.

Correcting muscle imbalances by stretching the tight ones is crucial to staying injury free while boosting your fighting performance.

Learn how to get a lot more out of your workout by performing a dynamic warm up. Learn what muscles to stretch and how to stretch. Improved flexibility will improve boxing technique. Learn you must perform a dynamic warm up to get the most out of your workout and why it’s a costly mistake if you don’t.

Chapter 2: Max Strength Development.

Learn the biggest myths of strength training & why you must get strong. Why
strength makes or breaks a fighter. How maximal strength lays the foundation for other vital strength and special strength qualities that give the fighter a tremendous advantage in the ring to win.

Why max strength must be developed to raise the ceiling for future skill development in fighters. Weak fighters do NOT get better in skill. This is a fact.

Weak fighters lose, get strong to get better. Learn how & a lot more in this chapter.

Chapter 3: Explosive Power Training.

The incredibly explosive & powerful fighters are the most dangerous. You CAN
develop explosive speed and power for the ring.

There are different types of power to develop. Which one depends on your needs. In
this chapter you will learn the different types of power to develop,
how, and why to develop them over another. This all depends on your
needs of course and I will teach you how to perform your own needs

Learn the best power exercises that transfer to the
ring leaving your opponent unconscious on the mat. How to effectively
train for explosive power by knowing which type of power you need. How
to develop special strengths that lie differently on the force/velocity

Chapter 4: Rethink Conditioning.

In this chapter you will learn how to develop endless endurance and how to develop the different energy systems that are called upon when fighting in the ring or cage.

There is FAR more than just road work to gain the stamina to fight all night.

You will learn how to use different unorthodox training tools and circuits
that will simply bring the best out of you while developing fight all
night endurance.

You are really going to look forward to performing these workouts.

Chapter 5. Functional Core Training.

The core is often underdeveloped in fighters and this IS the pillar of the
body. It is vital to your fighting performance and longevity to learn
how to develop a strong & powerful core.

You will in this chapter. Learn why you MUST train the core in rotation, anti rotation, and why sit ups are the worst core exercise you can do.

You will develop a very function & bullet proof core after applying the exercises in this chapter.

Chapter 6: Injury prevention Training.

Boxing skill training creates career shortening muscle imbalances. In this
chapter you will learn how to correct these imbalances while developing a more balanced. efficient, and powerful body.

You know the saying, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

It’s all in this chapter.

Chapter 7: Recovery & Regeneration Methods.

Recovery is so overlooked in boxing and that mistake robs the fighter of would be stellar performances in the ring. The fighter can also make it to fight night feeling beat up and worn out, not fresh and ready to go.

In this chapter learn how to effectively apply recovery
methods and how they leave you feeling better than ever while training
harder than ever with NO set backs as in injuries.

Chapter 8: Cutting Weight.

Cutting weight has gotten so out of hand and dangerous
now a days. Whether cutting too much or just doing it the wrong way in
harming the body.

There IS a very effective science
and proven method of cutting weight that takes the frustration and even
harmful ways of doing it, out of it.

In this chapter Alwyn Cosgrove shows you how to easily and effectively cut weight.

“Rob Pilger’s boxing blue print is a must for anyone that is wanting to rapidly improve their boxing performance.

Rob has done an excellent job laying down real world strength, power and conditioning programs that enable you to increase stamina while becoming stronger and more explosive.

Having gone from a youth program to amateur, then to pro level, Rob leaves nothing out of this fine e-book, he walks the talk and gives you the ammo you need to succeed in the ring “

The Godfather Of Strength & Power, Louie Simmons, founder of Westside Barbell, The STRONGEST gym in the world.

“I’m constantly amazed at how many “fitness frauds” there are selling
BS workout programs that have never been tested on real people or
athletes. And the older I get the shorter my patience with these bums

That is why I give a 110% endorsement to Rob Pilger and his amazing
Boxing Blueprint Manual. From the moment I cracked the book opened
I could tell that this manual is a MUST READ for anyone wanting to gain
real strength, fat loss and performance success!

This book is back-to-the-basics, science based strength training for athletes
at it’s finest! “

“Rob’s knowledge of boxing and conditioning are second to none. On
top of all that, if it wasn’t for Rob I would still be suffering from a
very sore lower back. My back was killing me as I walked into his gym
one day for a workout. I left feeling better than I had in months due to
a few exercises and advice from Rob. For a professional fighter this is
invaluable and I highly recommend this manual if you are serious about
your fighting career!”

The Immortal Matt Brown ,UFC Fighter

“Rob Pilger’s book The Boxing Blueprint is just what I’ve been looking for in real strength and conditioning expertise from someone who is entrenched into the boxing world. These exercises and conditioning drills are specific designed for boxers again Rob great work, I will be implementing these training workouts in my sons program.”

Joe Suarez-Suarez Boxing

Boxing Coach, Father & Trainer of Carlos Suarez

“Rob has been an under ground in the trenches fight coach for years.
He has delivered a masterpiece with this manual! The power chapter is
sick! It’s packed full of real world no fluff bullshit training methods
that will have you hitting harder, faster, and longer, outlasting your
toughest competition!”

Renegade Mind Set Coach for Fighters Stephen Ladd CHEK II

BOOM! Right hook of knowledge!

“Rob Pilger’s Boxing Blueprint is a must have for combat athletes.
Rob provides a complete program and explanation to improve strength,
power, and endurance. He sets this manual apart by adding rock solid
science and making it practical for any lifter. I already have this
manual printed out and will be referencing it regularly at our gym!

Thanks Rob!Joe Hashey CSCS

“Man, I wish I’d had this book 25 years ago! I was fortunate in that
my first boxing coach (Willie Toweel) knew I needed strength training,
unfortunately he had no idea what kind. I can still remember his words
as he sent me off to the gym, ‘just don’t let them make you big and
slow’. That was the fear of most boxing coaches back then and it still
is today when it comes to resistance training. Fortunately Rob’s book
should finally change all of that! Here’s a book that breaks down
exactly how to build explosive power in a safe and scientific manner
based on all of Rob’s incredible experience and knowledge.”

Author of 5-Minute Flexibility, 25 years in the combat artsGiles Wiley CSCS

“It’s about time that someone cuts through the bull shit in the
Boxing world. Where was this book when I was a kid? That’s all I could
think of when I had the opportunity to read The Boxing Blueprint. I
consider Rob Pilger a colleague and a friend in Boxing. If you are ever
in question, learn from people who lead by example – Real Fighters and
Those who actually train real fighters. Rob is the best of both worlds.
There is no room for “The Land Of Make Believe” in Boxing. Rob Pilger’s
book is practical. Not theory. The Boxing Blueprint maps out every
training aspect for a Novice Boxer to a Seasoned Professional. The
knowledge that is shared is superior and is laid out in an
understandable way. It will answer all the training questions you may
have and will save you from the mistakes most fighters make. It may very
well save your Boxing Career.”


“This book does what it says on the cover! Rob has covered every
aspect of a fighters training with this book if you take your training
seriously then this training bible is a must. I have used it when
planning sessions with fighters from amateur to professional and the
feedback and results are tops.”

Real world strength/conditioning coach Joe Rossi gives you bone
jarring explosive exercises and programs to instantly add in your

If you are looking for the FINAL Competitive Edge to being a devastatingly effective fighter then your search is over.

These training methods are proven and you get immediate access to them for a special (protected) low price. Give it a try for 60 days and see the results for yourself.

Now it’s time to get started. Click the Buy Now button.

Q: Rob, is this training system for a complete beginner?

If you’re a beginner, this training system will rapidly improve your
strength, power, and conditioning as you have a young training age and
don’t not bad lifting patterns and imbalances to correct like the
advanced fighters do. This system is for the amateur JO fighters,
novice, open, and open fighter. For 4-8 round pro fighter, 10-12 round
main event fighter, and the veteran pro. You simply plug the appropriate
training guidelines I have in this manual to your current experience

Q: Rob, but if it doesn’t work for me?

Q: Rob, do i need expensive equipment to use your training system?

You don’t need any shiny machine equipment. That shit is garbage! Just the bare bone essentials will get you in amazing shape.

• Room to perform body-weight exercises.
• Barbells, Dumbells, kettle bells
• Power rack ( this is like a total gym, squat, dead lifts, chin up, pull ups, close presses, all in one piece of equipment)
• Swiss ball

And while medicine balls and cables aren’t absolutely necessary, you
will get optimal results if you have access to these as well.

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