Bet On The Move

Bet On The Move

Product Name: Bet On The Move


“With an old Samsung Smartphone and £150 In Cash”…

I Used This Simple Trick To Take My Betting Account To £9,128.63 In A Single Month!

I Started January 2023 with £150 in my mobile betting account.

“Hey, Danny Brayford Here”

I started The new year with £150 in my account

not because I was struggling…

It’s what I left in after another successful December which saw over £7,000 profit pulled in.

It’s all I left in, because it’s all I needed to make this work…

If you still believe the bookies cannot be beaten then you haven’t found the right method yet.

But it’s not quite as straightforward as that…

To cheat the bookies on a regular basis you’ve got to be prepared to do a little work.

“It’s not just the facts, data and opinions, it’s how you apply it.

Thoroughness in preparation and good timing can make you a fortune in Horse racing.

Luckily for you you’re in the right place at the right time. It only takes one person to have a real go at it and be willing to share that information with someone willing to listen…

You ever heard the term…”the late money’s the smart money?”

Well I can tell you first hand it’s very true! It’s the reason i’m able to do what I do so consistently.

What most punters want is someone to send them the bets as early as possible

You place your bets in the morning then watch the relevant races or check back at the end of the day in the hopes that your balance hasnt been wiped out!

It’s a Lazy approach that so called “tipsters” just love to take advantage of.

It’s also flawed in more ways than one!

A lot can change in a few hours…

whilst everyone scrambles to get thier bets on, guess what the money makers do?

They bide their time, analyse the changes, watch the markets and see where the money goes…

And when the time comes to bet they end up with more valuable information to make smarter, more profitable decisions.

Part of my method involves using a very valuable tracking hack that allows me to see where the money is going in the markets.

It’s an approach that allows us to use small stakes but still cash in BIG winners.

As you’ve already witnessed a small starting bank makes no difference to the outcome.

I can place small £5 bets, gradually increasing over the month leaving me with more profit in 30 days than most make in 2 even 3 years betting on horses!

Once you’re in you’ll gain access to my private members group.

I’ll get you set up so you’ll recieve a notification direct to your phone.

All you need to do when you get one is take action!

There’s no work involved, It’ll take you as little as 10 seconds to place the bet advised and then carry on with your day.

Doing this will allow you to replicate the profits I’ve seen over the last 12 months that have seen over £137,000 profit hit my bank account.

and remember, that’s all TAX FREE WINNINGS!

The single most valuable thing in the entire life of human beings is time…

Nobody wants to waste it visiting brick-and-mortar betting shops anymore or waiting to get home to use a laptop or desktop. 

I made £1,250 one afternoon in January whilst waiting in line at Sainsburys…

24 hours from now you’ll know exactly how that feels!

You’ll finally have the chance to make money when it works for you. No more planning your schedule around trips back and fourth to your computer.

3 things needed to get started right now

1. An android or apple based Smartphone (old or new)2. Two or more betting accounts you can access from your phone. 3. Minimum 30pt Starting Bank

Due to the nature of using this approach places in this service are strictly limited to 60 so make sure to secure your place now if you want to start winning…

Or at any time when 50 member limit is reached*

Here are a few common questions….

How do I get the bet information?
You can get the bet information via, email or online messenger (telegram) these can be set up to push the notification direct to your smart phone screen so you know when you have to take action. Just keep ay eye on your phone for any alerts from me

What starting bank do I need?
I advise starting each month with a £150 bank that’ll give you around 30 bets @ £5

What will I be betting on?
My method doesnt include, Laying, arbitrage or any other risky time consuming trickery You’ll be betting on UK & Irish horse racing, with win and each way bets only.

When will I get the bet info?
Due to the nature of the service and tracking algorithms there is no set time when the first bet will be sent but it only takes a few moments to place the bet.

How do I place the bet on my phone?Simply download the bookmaker app of your choice so you can access your account on the move, If you’ve placed a bet on your phone you’ll know exactly how quick & simple it is to do.

Do you offer a refund period?
Of course, if you’re not happy then you can have a refund at any point in your first 30 days of membership.

Do you advise which bookie to use?
This works with all major UK bookmakers, I would advise having at least 2 accounts open in case the bookie decides to limit your bets and also having access to an exchange to continue placing bets

Anything I havent covered? just hit the product support link at the bottom of the page

Thanks for reading and i’ll see you on the inside

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